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Sayaji FM is own Online Radio Station for The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat, started by RJ Yogesh. Alike our radio station most of our RJs are new here. But all are so dedicated to Sayaji FM that they try to give out their best and work out the best for us. We all know that, usually RJs come at studio for 2-3 hours for their show and then they go out. But at the Sayaji FM being a RJ is not so easy job, coz they are not only Radio Jockey. They are all in all of their show, they do everything for their show, starting from script writing, to selecting tracks, making a playlist, to promoting their show and keeping a touch with their own listeners. They are so hard working individuals that just a word of appreciation is not enough for them. They think good for Sayaji FM & whatever is good for our station as well as whatever entertains our listeners. Our all RJs are friendly and responsive to their listener. They work at friendly environment and also try to create friendly environment on AIR. The one outstanding thing about our Radio Jockey is that they are idea maker too, they give new ideas of shows and they make special show for special day like mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day, valentine’s day, etc.

Come let us take you to the wonderful world of Sayaji FM Team of RJs & let you meet the creators and presenters of show on www.SayajiFM.com

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Video calls are going live on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet, so even small changes warrant some attention. This isn't a small change, though. This is a big one. WhatsApp is rolling out support for video calls in the Android app, but not everyone has the feature yet.
Video calls are becoming available seemingly at random. You won't need an app update as long as you're on one of the recent beta versions (people are reporting success on a few builds). If the person on the other end doesn't have video calling enabled yet they'll just get a voice call. You'll still be able to see the video calling UI, though. The call log shows that as a video call, but tapping the video button just pulls up an error message.
When you have video calling, tapping the call button or contact card brings up a dialog with both voice and video as options. There may be a version of the app later that flips the switch on video calls automatically, but for now you're at the mercy of the WhatsApp gods.
How to activate Video Calling feature?
Just install 2.16.318 or above version (beta version available here) and enjoy Video Calling on WhatsApp.

Hike Messenger on Android now supports video calling

Hike Messenger has introduced its video calling feature for its users on Android, iOS users might have to wait a while.

Hike Messenger has introduced its video calling feature for its users, aiming to make India a ‘sight and sound’ country. The company had rolled out the beta back in September to a select few, but now that it is out of testing – the new feature will be rolling out to all Android users with an update this week.
The Hike team says that the video call experience with the app will be ‘simple, reliance and high quality’. “Video calling on Hike is a simple and easy to use feature that works on a single tap that is integrated into chat threads with friends. The feature has been built for a reliance and high quality video experience that works even under challenging network conditions, including good quality 2G,” the company said in a press statement.
Another feature of the update messenger is the ‘Live Caller Preview’, which gives a user the ability to see a preview of a live video before they answer the call. Hike thinks that this feature adds to the fun of video calling.
Commenting on the launch, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, Hike Messenger said “This was an obvious one and we’re excited to bring it to the market so quickly. We’ve been in beta for a few months and the results have been really positive. We’re now excited to roll this out across our entire user base. We see India as primarily a sight and sound market — and we believe video calling will have a large impact on how people communicate inside of Hike.”
The video calling update for the app is immediately available to all Android users, and will be coming soon for users using iOS. If some users have updated their Hike Messenger app in September, video calling will automatically be enabled for them now.
WhatsApp also recently updated its beta app to features video calling for Android. The video calling feature was hinted for WhatsApp back in July. The video-calling feature is also available on Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, KakaoTalk, Viber and now Hike Messenger.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

With space on campus and dedicated interns, MSU’s official Sayaji FM targets more audience


Sayaji FM, MSU’s online radio station, will reach more ears this academic year, commencing June 15.  The students’ radio station, which was adopted by MSU in March this year but used to run from the residence of its founder Yogesh Jangir due to lack of space on campus, will now get a place in the prestigious Smt. Hansa Mehta Library building.
Dedicated interns from the Student Internship Programme launched last year will churn out fresh content.
Currently, there are more than 40 dedicated interns from all the faculties. There are 12 RJs, selected from the ‘RJ hunt programme’ that conducted on the campus last year. Students use the recording studio of Faculty of Performing Arts. Interviews of prominent personalities of Vadodara, audio clips of important lectures, and light music programmes are in the schedule list.
Jangir said, “With this dedicated space for our radio, we will produce more interesting content which can be useful to all MSU students. We are surprised that former students of MSU, who are settled outside India are listening to our programmes. We are uploading our content on the third party online websites at present, but we are working on application which will make the access easy.”
“Students who are working as interns are very dedicated… they are also working during the vacation,” he said.
MSU Syndicate member Jigar Inamdar said, “We have adopted Sayaji FM as an official radio station of MSU. This year, we have allotted space in Smt. Hansa Mehta Library to this team. Right now, it is an online radio and we will experiment with the same format… our plan is to make it a full-fledged radio station for MSU.”
Aditya Hore (19), student of first year of Bachelor of Commerce, who is working as an intern on the radio platform, said, “I was selected as RJ to work with radio project during my internship programme… it was a very useful learning as RJ.”

June 08, 2016 (Wednesday); The Indian Express, Ahmedabad

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Radionomy Stream Update!

For the last two weeks, we've experienced a change with our Radionomy stream. The company has implemented a "Geo-Block" on strategically targeted countries. Listeners are unable to listen to our stream and are either given a notice or re-routed to a station that plays "lounge music". All stations on the network are affected by this change.

Countries Affected by Radionomy's Geo-Block

The Philippines
South Africa
Countries formerly in Yugoslavia
(e.g. Serbia, Croatia)

If you live in these countries, we've come up with solutions so you can listen.
  • Listen Sayaji FM on YourMuze.FM. - We've developed an alternate source for affected listeners. This media player has not had any issues with our stream and all listeners can access it without any problems.
  • Purchase a Virtual Private Network (VPN) - By obtaining a VPN, you can bypass the Geo-Block by logging into an IP address in another country that's not affected. We recommend VPN Express, which has affordable plans and is available on iTunes and Google Play.
  • Download Opera Web Browser - This web browser has a free VPN feature that can mask the user's computer. Choose the country you wish to listen. You can also get Opera on iOS operating systems.
Listeners in the United States are not affected by this issue, yet. There has been no official notice or explanation given by Radionomy executives regarding why this change was necessary. Producers were outraged by this change and many have decided to leave for other providers. We are looking at the current litigation between Radionomy and Sony Music, which may affect listeners down the road.

In the meantime, we are taking steps to insure our future by looking for other companies who can service us. Many of these costs were originally covered by Live365 under a blanket fee. But because of their demise, we will have to absorb the cost ourselves. The costs of broadcasting for small radio stations have skyrocketed, specifically in music licensing.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

'Sayaji FM' will give MS univ students new voice

The MaharajaSayajirao University of Baroda launched its Online Radio Station - ‘Sayaji FM’. The RJ Yogesh Jangir said that the radio will give a new voice to the M. S. University students. At present the university jingles, pre-recorded social messages and a few Hindi songs are played on the radio but in a few days all activities on the campus will go on air.

With little help coming from M S University authorities, two former university students have decided to take forward their dream of having the university’s own community radio station (CRS) by launching an Internet radio and a mobile-based application to access the radio, called “Sayaji FM”. It can be streamed live on both web and mobile platform.

RJ YogeshJangir, 26, first tried to give shape his dream of starting a CRS for MSU students in 2011, when he was pursuing his B.Sc. Geology. RJ Yogesh started learning to build a radio transmitter from video tutorials on the Internet. He then developed a 1.5 watt radio transmitter which could transmit signals within one-two kilometers.

Playing the radio jockey himself, RJ Yogesh recorded a few poetries, a collection of information related to students, posted on the department notice board and relayed them through his makeshift transmitter first on January 13, 2011. A former radio jockey, RJ Raaj Khidia collaborated on the project.

“I carried the transmitter on the terrace of the Geology department of the university and started broadcasting on a small range of frequencies. We ran the service from 09:00am to 06:00pm daily for around a year and then disbanded it, considering that transmitting this way could be illegal. When we started the radio, we received an appreciation letter from the VC” said RJ Yogesh.

When he was pursuing his M.Sc. Petroleum Geology, his radio station also drew the attention of syndicate members of the university, who discussed about having a CRS for the MSU which could be relayed on a 50 watt transmitter. RJ Yogesh and RJ Raaj were also offered a studio space above the H.M. Library.

Now, after completion of his study, the community radio is in its newest avatar in the form of Sayaji FM, which can be accessed here, or can be downloaded as an App from Radio.Net or TuneIn on any smartphone.

Sayaji FM RJs will be seen interacting with the young crowd and playing interesting games for all working days in the MSU campus. Sayaji FM team will also conduct RJ Hunt in MSU campus to select RJs from MSU students and various competitions, i.e. Singing Competition etc., to bring out the hidden talent of students. We’ll focus on exploring hidden talent of students. It will be a big platform for talented students.” RJ Yogesh added.

Sayaji FM will also set up the radio booth in campus to provide round the clock educational information, entertainment by playing variety of announcements and music played on air. Sayaji FM will also conduct RJ Hunt where the winner will get a chance to co-host the show some on air shows LIVE from the MSU campus.

Speaking on the occasion, RJ Yogesh said "It is our endeavor to get associated with this high energy college festivals. This will give us a better chance to interact and integrate with the young students - who are our core target listeners. We would ensure that we provide non-stop contests, announcements, entertainment etc to not only the students but also to all the listeners who would be hearing us."

·         How to access Sayaji FM on smartphone?
Just click Radio.Net or TuneIn (or directly go to Play Store / App Store and search for “rad.io” or “TuneIn Radio) > Install “rad.io” or “TuneIn Radio” App in your smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Bada or Blackberry Phone) > Using the search option, search “Sayaji FM” and play it > Enjoy Sayaji FM, 24x7, worldwide. (You may save or bookmark Sayaji FM as via the rad.io or TuneIn Radio App just so you don’t have to search for it again every time you open the TuneIn Radio application.)

·         How to access Sayaji FM on PC/Laptop?
Just click here to download an App (205 bytes only) for PC/Laptop, copy it on PC/Laptop’s desktop and open downloaded file (sayajifm.m3u) with any media player (prefer VLC media player).

Stream Sayaji FM directly in your browser, just click here (bookmark this for easy access in future).

Stay updated with Sayaji FM on Facebook, just click here and like Facebook page.

Facing problem? Contact RJ Yogesh at +919510868308.